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Ali Alrawi! Who? What? and Why?

01/02/2018 00:23

<p>I found that the best choice to start posting on my blog is to tell people a little bit about me, my background and the reasons why I started this business. 2006 was the year I graduated from Chemistry department at Al-Anbar University, Ramadi. Like all Iraqi educated youth, after graduation, I tried to get a job in the public sector and enjoy the permanent monthly salary staying away of the business and market headache. And after 6 years of useless attempts to get a job, and throughout the governmental changes, my opportunities remained small due to the significant corruption in my country. Hence, In 2013, I decided to get away from my specialty and learn something that I was always passionate about.</p><p> I decided to learn programming which I didn’t find very challenging as I found my way to teach myself using free tutorials on the Internet. Fortunately, I was always intelligent when it came to math and logic; two extremely needed things if you want to understand how programs and software applications work. Within one year I was able to code with Javascript, PHP, and Python. One year later, 2014, I started building a simple inventory and accounting Desktop application using Python Tkinter. I was satisfied with the program's functionality but I was not happy with UI quality. Wanting to improve the UI quality is the reason why I decided to learn wxPython which has better UI widgets.</p><p> Over time, I built more applications just for fun and representing the knowledge I gained. I built a chatting system which involves a desktop application, mobile app, and server/db.I moved between jobs for 2 years, which was good and bad, until the ISIS occupation happened in Iraq when I had to move with my parents and sister to Sulimaniya, Iraq, for a safe place. In July 2016, I had to move from Sulimaniya to Erbil given I applied for a coding bootcamp there. Even though it was a bad experience for me, big waste of time and money, and emphasized the frustrating facts of this world, I have never stopped taking it seriously. I remain the self-taught guy who learns anything no matter what obstacles he faces.</p><p> In June 2017, I started working as freelancer and after couple of months I decided to think seriously about starting my own business until I read an advertisement on facebook about a business incubator starting soon in Erbil. In October I joined 51labs incubator and empowered my business skills during 3 months of business researching. Now it is Feb 2018 and in the meantime I’m officially starting SYN.</p>


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